Saturday, January 05, 2008

sunny Saturday so far

(Mr Potsblog and Penny)

Dreamt half the night of my cousin Celeste and her new boyfriend showing us around Toronto. I have been to TO, but not recently, and those guys showed us a good time. Then I dreamt Sean visited us here. My commenters kept me busy last night. For a fee, I can dream about YOU too.


Kate & Jim said...

Now I know where that bright glow is coming from, Gary. It's not the sun starting to shine in my window - it's your sweater! :)

gr said...

yes, I had it cleaned, it is very bright!

what did Lucy say when Snoopy kissed her? something about 'get disinfectant, boil water'?

Mother of Invention said...

I dream about sitting by our new gas fireplace when the reno is done! So do my cats! (Except moreso since they are always sleeping!)

Greg said...

wait a sec... C is your cuz!!?? hmm the plot thickens ;)