Friday, January 18, 2008

the three most beautiful actresses of ALL time

Phew, just 3? That's how e get four here and 2 runners up.

Kathleen Turner, oh that voice, Marissa Tomei totally cute, Susan Sarandon, ahem, of course, and naturallyAudrey Hepburn.


Susan as herself said...

I would also add Grace Kelly, Natalie Wood, and Vivien Leigh.

CM said...

Also Lauren Bacall.

gr said...

Oh yes, Grace Kelly and INGRID BERGMAN! And again and again for eternity: AUDREY HEPBURN.

Kate & Jim said...

woops - I just wrote Lauren Bacall below, and just saw CM's on this one.

CM said...

Great minds think alike. :-)

SleepingSentinel said...

Grace Kelly
uma Thurmand

My current favorite:
Cotilliard (forgot her first name...from the movie "le vie en Rose"... she was wonderful!n I hope she gets the freakin oscar.