Tuesday, January 22, 2008

just out of the kiln: for your sweetie!!!!!

(mug by Gary Rith)
Imagine the sweet nookie you'll get if you give this mug to your sweetie! Think Valentine's before it is too late, on sale now at my little online shop.


Gordo said...

Gary, Gary, Gary ... What are you 17 or something?

gr said...


Ellen said...

~faint~ I can't believe you used the 'N' word here in this family rated blog!

gr said...

did I say something wrong?

denis said...

gary's mother is probably blushing.

gr said...

I remember the Newlywed Game with Bob Eubanks back in the 70s, he said 'when you make whoopee'...

Tee hee! Whooppee!

Kate & Jim said...

Because that's only what he was allowed to say on TV...Gary - back then.

Mrs. P. said...

OK everybody, I just asked the blogger and got the response "I think you all have dirty minds," so take that for what it's worth.

Ellen said...

Here ya go...from Merriam's online dictionary:

One entry found.


Main Entry:
nooky Listen to the pronunciation of nooky
or nook·ie \ˈnu̇-kē\
perhaps from nook + 4-y

1often vulgar : the female partner in sexual intercourse2often vulgar : sexual intercourse

gr said...

I am shocked, shocked!!

CM said...

Oh dear. Perhaps this is why the site is now blocked at work.