Sunday, January 27, 2008

reader's choice: VOTE!

Best tune from the 80s, would you go Big Audio Dynamite and 'E=MC' or below, The Smiths 'How Soon is Now'? How can you choose, they're both so fabulous.


Anonymous said...

I have three favorites and I am a big 80's fan.

1. Tainted Love-Soft Cell

2. Karma Chameleon-Culture Club

3. 99 Red Balloons-Nena

Stevie Nicks is my favorite performer, but these songs are the best. I also LOVE Wham..... wake me up, before ya go go! :)

gr said...

Wham! Flock of Seagulls! Human League! ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate & Jim said...

I liked Cindi Lauper and U2. Yes - Human League! and remember Huey Lewis?

CM said...

Madonna. All the way, baby.

celeste said...

You would say Madonna. I have one word for you: Prince. 'Purple Rain', you know it.

CM said...

Duran Duran!