Monday, January 14, 2008

flying pigs! and elephants!

(relief sculpture by Gary Rith)

I am totally jumping out of my skin today. Can't blame it on spring fever, it is cold and snowy. Nope, same amount of coffee and tea as usual. I have walked the little beagle endless miles, cooked and cleaned and worked my hands blue on mugs and these things up here.

So, getting a load of stuff done. I am working on a display of my stuff, or maybe something else, and I want a bunch of large (for me-bigger than six inches) relief sculptures around the edge of the shelves, or whatever other purpose I may put these to. I need a flying beagle, I think, so back to the work shop.


denis said...

what did you feed them? they certainly are fat. i hope their wings are strong enough to carry the weight.

they are tres cool. well done.

gr said...

I think extra roly poly makes them extra funny, thanks

Greg said...

does that make extra funny too? hee hee.. Very nice and very curious wondering what your plans are!