Thursday, January 17, 2008

pottery student Virginia checks in

(pottery by Virginia)
Potsblog's favorite high school pottery student checks in from Connecticut:
"oh i totally forgot to mention about my side project! sorry if i'm being totally scatterbrained... anyways so in between the teapot project i have also been working on mugs. we had to make a set of four mugs, and i chose... [brace yourself] a s'more theme! the mugs are coming out totally awesome, today i glazed my grahm cracker mug, the marshmallow mug, and the fire mug. the chocolate mug is drying to be fired and then glazed and then fired blah blah blah. so they were supposed to be christmas presents for my family but, you know how time does that thing where it runs away? yeah... it should really learn to not do that. [haha]. so i will also keep you updated on THAT project."

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Gordo said...

Whoa ... Now, that's creativity with a capital 'C'!