Friday, January 18, 2008

messing around

(stuff by Gary Rith)

Got an order just now for a lot of items, yippee! Winter is a retail dead zone and the money doesn't really fly in the door. Therefore, any business is welcome, PLUS it is the time I mess around and experiement more than usual. In the upper pic, you see a tiny little green pot. It is tricky, and you see it usually in glass, but I like to try making little pedestal pots--you make a top and bottom and put them together. The most fun part is making a tiny little narrow bit, because it just makes no sense for a pot to have a tiny and narrow little bit in the middle. So it is fun to try it!


Tink said...

I want the elephant jar in your header!!

gr said...

why stop there? you can have a whole teaset that looks like a herd of elephants!

Greg said...

oh very cool!

Speaking of pots.. I want to have a couple tomatoe plants on the deck this summer.. but I think I'll need a couple of proper tomoatoe pots ;).. The rest of the ideas I'll leave in your hands.