Friday, January 11, 2008

lovey dovey all the time

(sketch and pots by Gary Rith)

Don reminded me that he needs small, narrow bud vases so I finally made some--and again in life, I wonder why I don't make them every day! Hard to remember all the fun things a person likes to make.
This sketch is an idea that popped into my head--little hearts kissing on a mug, in time for Valentine's! Gotta make some...


Greg said...

I find there are so many wonderful forms and projects that you can't do them all. But as you say it's sometimes tough to remember to make them again - I guess you need to have one example of everything displayed to remind you =)
.. or gallery
...or a blog

very cool work.

gr said...

thanks Grego, they'd be cute little turned woden vases too!

Greg said...

yeah... but one needs special tools to hollow them out.. that I don't have.

yet ;)

nonono.. before get into something like that I need a bigboy lathe! ;)

phew priorities afterall...