Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Resolutions for 2008!

Resolutions are fun things, really.
We have gotten into the habit of a big cleanup on New Years. My desk's inbox was about 8 inches tall, and I sorted it, I throw slips of paper into my rolodex, now the numbers and addresses are on cards, etc. I shall be cleaning and organizing all day.
As for resolutions, I noticed in my calendar that last year I resolved to only drink good whiskey (no cheap stuff!) and YES, that was a success, so I'd say it is good for 2008 too.
I mentioned yesterday advice from a beagle 'more calm, more manic'. I admire my dog's enthusiasm for life, dead asleep at times, cuddly, then racing around the yard barking and chasing squirrels. I appreciate her enthusiasm and energy.
Lastly, my third resolution, I got a comb for Christmas. I should use it from time to time.


Maggie said...

Wow you have cool resolutions too. Everyone came up with great stuff. Me, I got nothin.

As for the comb? Nooooo, the horror!

Mother of Invention said...

Here's to a grand new year, Gary! Yes, you are fortunate to have all you have going on in your life, and lucky to be sensitive enough to express your appreciation to all of us. We are a neat unique group, us bloggers!

Blog on!