Friday, March 02, 2007




Right now! In my hot little hand! Mr. Sharky Mug! It's insanely cute, and just perfect! You rock, baby, you rock HARD! Thank you SO much for rushing this through for me, I'm constantly amazed and impressed by the work you do!

Thank you again! You made my whole week!


Another happy customer. Hard to believe isn't it: message Sunday night saying she needs a shark mug, I finish it Monday and fire it the first time, glaze it Tuesday and fire up to 2200 degrees, out Wednesday afternoon and on its way 1000 miles west, arriving just in time for the Friday party. Not too bad.
Actually, here are a couple of stats, because everybody who visits this blog is SOOOO nice: the blog is 6 months old now at this location, and has resulted in the sale of 40 different items. Wowee! I had to ship 4 items this week alone, to Texas, Seattle, Montana and Michigan.....
Thank you everybody. I will give an extra can of tuna to the cats to celebrate.


Mona Buonanotte said...

The teeth. The teeth TOTALLY make it! And the fact that you can curl your thumb in the indentation between his belly and tail....

Gordo The Geek said...

That's awesome. I'll tell ya, Gary. When you get the feeling that you know a guy from the blog and you're open to crazy suggestions, you'll do well.

gr said...

I am open to crazy suggestions? I am??????

Mother of Invention said...

Your cats will be makin' up ads now!!!

"Order yours soona,so we get some tuna!" Reow!