Sunday, September 14, 2008

a petite joke

What does an Irish girl standing against the wall call herself?


Ha! Get it? I hope so.

Feeling very good today myself. But I think we have to wonder how our friends in Texas are doing with this hurricaine Ike, and send them our hopes and prayers and help.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Eileen. Giggle inducing. I will have to forward this to my friend Eileen.

I am hoping and praying for our Texas friends. Thanks for helping us keep it in the forefront of our hearts.

Anonymous said...

heheheh! I went to high school with a very tall girl named Eileen, and she did.

I checked into a couple 'logs connected with hurricane-affected folks and found out that my friends [Ava and barbie] had driven up into the Texas hill-country. Jess in southern Louisiana took in a bunch of evacuees. Thank heavens it's over for now. No tellin' when the next one will hit, or where.

Gordo said...

Bridget rolled her eyes, but I like it!

Bridget's sister and family are in Houston and decided to ride this one out. They last power overnight Friday just before the worst hit, but they're fine now. Water everywhere, but fine.

Anonymous said...

What does a one-legged girl with a speech impediment call herself?



Unknown said...

My tummy quivers in sympathy every time I recall some of the nightmare experiences I had while living in the Houston area halfway between Houston and Galveston. My thoughts and prayers and worries are all for those living there right now, too many of whom are perswonal friends or family attachments. NOT a good place to be.