Saturday, March 31, 2007


Standing in line at the post office and a stranger says 'Hey, I saw you on TV the other night!'Have I arrived? Is this my 15 minutes?

March 31--one year in the purple house! Yippee!

(purple house, home of Mr and Mrs Potsblog and Brown Trout Pottery)
13 months ago on Feb 28 we closed our house in New Hampshire and drove Uhaul's biggest truck, plus 3 dogs and 2 cats west to New York and unloaded it all at my parents and stayed in their barn until we found and bought and moved into the purple house, near Ithaca, on March 31. It has been a heck of a year. We are now 2 dogs and 2 cats with Petey's ghost guarding the back yard, Mrs Potsblog is gainfully and overemployed in glorious and rewarding work, I have the best studio on earth and business keeps me hopping, we have met MANY of the bloggers and visitors to this blog this past year, and I have been on TV. Doing pretty good.

vases, or is it 'vaases'?

(vases by Gary Rith)
Pronounce it 'vase' like a regular guy, and it is worth 20 bucks, stretch it out and snobbify it like 'vaases' and the same vase is worth 40 bucks.

Glen the Owl featuring Uniit

(Uniit in the middle with Five Two, and the album cover for 'Glen the Owl')
Listening to the radio yesterday and there was local band 'Glen the owl' and I was like 'Oh Yeah! That is so fantastic!' so I listened to them all day at the Spirit and Kitsch Art Coop. Uniit is their lead singer, one of the singers also in 'Five two', AND one of our artists, making pictures and a variety of sewn items. I have seen 'Five two' once, and bumped into Uniit a few times, and she has this adorable toddler. Play the tune. Play the tunes like I did yesterday, 15 times.

Friday, March 30, 2007

bowls by Gary Rith

Life is just a chair of ________________________________________.

star power

Yep. Public TV today, bigger things tomorrow.

WSKG, and Mr Potsblog on the red carpet

(teapot by Gary Rith, and himself at WSKG TV 12 in Binghamton, NY)
OK, it goes like this. Dress, up and meet the Spirit and Kitsch Art Group at the store. We are an arts coop, so we run the store and exhibits together, and six of us donated art to the local public TV fundraising auction, and they invited us down for an on-air interview during the auctioning of our pieces. The mood going down was a bit subdued, as terror struck at our artistic souls, but the staff in this place was soooooo nice and engaging, the host and auctioneer so pleasant. And they knew us very well, because our work had been there for a month before the auction. BUT, is anyone surprised to find that your host, Mr Potsblog, was already known to the interviewer and production staff? Their googlebot had alerted them to my posts about the station, so YES, they had been here, and knew me well. So, a group intro at 7:51, followed by individual interview of each of us followed by the auctioning of our item. My teapot started at 25 and sold for 70 or 75, in a quick and active bidding war, and everybody in the studio clapped when it sold. A half hour total, and my wife says I was very Smooooth, suave, and MAGNETIC. And cute. My parents say they are glad I wore a jacket and tie. And they love me.
Somebody taped this, I think, so when I have a disk I will try to do something with it.
So, been here less than a year, been on TV, and surprised to find the whole thing was EASY. A camera is not an audience of 3000.
They want us back next year. And maybe then I won't be so scared and I will actually eat some of the banquet.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

the transformation

(GR-would you buy a used car from this guy? Did he wash the clay off his arms before he changed??? Why does his hair LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME?????????)

historical pot for Greg WHO OWES ME BIG TIME

(little pot by Gary Rith, painting by somebody else)
Looks pretty good, eh?

pencil displays

(pottery and such by Gary Rith)
My wife was right, the thing full of holes is a dumb pencil display, this vase works well.

changing course and dressing up

The question is, if a loud shirt with dragons on it makes my wife laugh when she thinks of me on TV, what makes her ooh and aah with delight? Gents, no way around it, a TIE and maybe a jacket. When I was a prep school teacher ten plus years ago, I wore jacket and tie every day, as was required, then tossed that stuff in the back of the closet and forgot about it. BUT, chicks dig a well dressed man I need to remember, so I can dress up once a decade. And my mom probably expects it, and OH YES she will be watching. After digging through the back of one closet and finding the wad of ties I chose the cute Brooks Brothers number with elephants. It is a terrific blue. My wife will be sad to see my Hermes ties not very neatly folded into their orange box at the bottom of this pile.
last question: jacket or not, and then which one?


Mona suggested these guys the other day, so enjoy the Joboxers and 'just got lucky' and keep your eye on the little dog.

TV interview

(teapot by Gary Rith)
OK, so WSKG has an online and on-TV exhibit and auction, and as part of an artist group I belong to, 6 of us are going on TV tonight and I don't know why. I am guessing somebody will tell me later what is going on. The link to my item is here, and its writing stinks. Why did I fill out all that paperwork and they ignored it? I suppose I am taking this hit along with the rest of the team, for the sake of the group and grander things.
Alright, I am showered and shaved, and depart later today. I think I will change again into KHAKIS, not chinos, the same pair I had yesterday, they look fairly clean, and I was thinking about a very bright and loud shirt. Something tres colorful. I refuse to look at the advice sent to me below, as I want to be ME.

Getting ready for TV

Friends sent me this advice about going on a TV interview, I havn't read it, and I am posting it without reading it, and will not read it. I prefer to be FRESH and myself.

Hey, brave ones:

Here are some hints I got from the internet about TV appearances. Some are pretty funny, but some may be helpful.

Make sure clothing is "broken in" and comfortable when you are sitting and standing.
Do not wear any clothing with tight patterns or pin stripes. This causes an optical illusion called a moiré pattern which makes you look bad.

Avoid clothing with large patterns or geometric shapes. The audience will watch your clothes instead of you.

Avoid wearing black, white, or red on television or video. Even the best of cameras have trouble with these colors.

Avoid flashy jewelry. It reflects light.

Avoid jangly jewelry. It reflects light and makes noise that will be picked up by your microphone (this applies whether you are on TV or not).

Tip the bows of your eyeglasses up slightly off your ears. This angles the lenses down to reduce glare from lights.
Wear makeup. It has the practical purpose of reducing the glare of TV lights.

Apply it to all exposed body parts, like backs of hands, arms, neck, etc. Apply cover-up below eyes to mask bags and/or wrinkles.

Good studios are kept cool to negate the effect of the hot TV lights. You may freeze for a while until the lights are turned on, then you may burn up. Dress for the heat, but bring a jacket or extra cover-up to be used while you are waiting to go on.

Bring a handkerchief or tissues to dab perspiration during breaks.

Don't second guess the camera. Act as if you are always on screen.

Make sure your makeup, wardrobe, and hair are consistent with your message.


Wear knee-length socks.

Always keep double breasted jackets buttoned.

Single breasted jackets can be opened, but not too wide.

I SAY AGAIN Wear Makeup. TV lights can penetrate several layers of skin. You can't possibly shave close enough to prevent whiskers from showing without makeup.

Don't forget makeup on receding hairlines or bald heads.

Trick: Run the thin part of your tie through the loop in the back of the main part of your tie then clip the thin part to your shirt below the loop. This will keep your tie perfectly centered without the tie clip showing.


Don't wear vivid red lipstick or lip gloss. Stick to softer tones and dab lips with a little powder.

Consider dress shields if you perspire easily.

Make sure your hair will stay where you want it. You don't want to be fooling with it while on the air.

Make sure a lavaliere or lapel microphone and transmitter can be attached to your clothing.

I'm nervous, too. I just don't appear to be.



Wednesday, March 28, 2007

an afternoon in court

Ridiculous. Probably other people leave the house and see people. I usually don't. OK, some folks asked below what a day at Cornell law playing juror was like.
First of all, it looks like a law school, the Hollywood stereotype. Big gothicish building, very old, all wood and stone inside, and the courtroom/lecture hall is very Paper Chase. (I have visited Harvard Law too, and parts of it are especially Paper Chase, as it should be, since that was the setting, but anyway...). Real judge, real defense attorney from town, REAL US Attorney (prosecutor). Fake defendent, fake jurors, dozens of scruffy looking, tired students. What it amounted to was filling out a questionair re then sitting there being asked personal questions. What was I thinking? Why did I do this? I wasn't on trial, and I tell ya, I couldn't take it. It made me sweat. I am a very very very shy and reclusive person, and tomorrow I will be interviewed with four other artists on WSKG TV, channel 12 Binghamton, what was I thinking when I agreed to that????????????????????
More later..............

back to school

(Cornell Law School)
I am a volunteer to act as a 'prospective juror' at Cornell Law School this afternon. Next month, 3 days of 'trials'. There is a little bit of money for this play-acting, and lunch during trial. I am actually putting on a pair of chinos, a belt, nice shoes, and a decent and clean shirt. I shaved. I shall wear a watch. People probably do these things every day, but I sure don't! (has it been over 2 years since I wore something other than jeans and flannel shirt?) I will even comb my hair. I consulted with Mrs Potsblog, she says no jacket and tie needed today. Wouldn't it be fun to fill out the forms as a raving gun nut, right wing lunatic???? 'Execute them all and let God sort it out!!!!'

bunnies I have known

(GR and Tex, 1986, GR and Sally, 1987)
I had 3 bunnies when I was in college. The first Sally was set loose by a housemate in 1985, but Tex was a great guy and he ended up with my sister's family when the kids were little and Sally the second was my preschool bunny after I graduated and began teaching, and one of my preschoolers took her home. Yes, I had bunnies in my college apartments and dorms. There is an expression on the Cornell campus, when an undergrad guy walks his puppy around campus, it is called a 'chick magnet'. In my day, artistic young men with bunnies at colleges with a 70% female student body.....


(pots being glazed by Gary Rith)
Sure, I saw your nasty and disgusting comments about rabbit stew and bacon, but I shall not dignify those comments with any notice or comments of my own.

Day 3: The Cramps

Sorry, I can't write the name of today's tune o' the day from the Cramps. The Cramps are, I have decided, the nasty and naughty punk cousins of the B52s.
Dreamt of riding the wrong Chicagosubway for hours, just trying to get home. The solution was to wake up.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


(pots by Gary Rith)
Sometimes you make a foot on a pot by whacking it (A), or sometimes by adding little feet (B).
I saw Little Feat live in New Orleans once, at the Jazz Festival.

(San Diego Rabbit Society)

Mr Potsblog: beer reviewer and regular guy

So Mona asks me about beer reviewing. In the last three years I have tasted and reviewed over 2 dozen beers for a good beer blog and did a tasting last night of Anderson Valley Brewing's Amber Ale, pictured at top. I will post the review below, it hasn't been posted at beer blog yet, but will be later today. If you look at beer blog and use the search with my name, you will find those incompetent reviews in abundance. You say 'hey, what's in it for him??????' other than the glory of posting for beer blog, for example, yesterday a box arrived from Amsterdam. An assortment of Dutch microbrews for me to try. Free. Free Free Free FREE BEER! From HOLLAND! It cost them about 60 bucks just to ship it here. Life is grand. (lower picture)

Boont Amber Ale by Anderson Valley brewing of California, review by Gary Rith

I bought this beer because there is a cute little bear with antlers on the bottle. No surprise in a California beer, but life is better with a little humor, right? I did the smart thing and poured my wife a big glass of her favorite wine, so I wouldn't have to share. Her comments are helpful, but I want this stuff all to myself.
So, this regular guy pops the cap and pours the ale. You have a nice deep red/amber color and a nice foamy head. It settles, and you have a beer with not too much fizz, nor too little. The first sip gives you a malty look, with almost hidden hops, and I said 'aha! a sweet brown ale in disguise!'. (full disclosure: I love brown ales, what regular guy doesn't?) But it is much more than that, second and further sips make you ask 'was that citrus? apricot even????'
I am constantly seeking a favorite all around beer, something like Southern Tier's Matt and Finn's Extraordinary Ale, or Ithaca Brewing's Brown Ale, but this amber ale in the goofy bottle with the antlered bear may be IT. As a matter of fact, this could be the beer I reach for when entertaining my regular guy friends--I don't care if you're a snob or have simple beer tastes, this is a fantastic brew, and beer advocate agrees.

18 messages!

(pots made by GR)
I am a busy dude, and this morning I am doing ths, I have a million pots to glaze, I wrote a beer review, now I have to walk the pups, and overnight got 18 comments????????????????????? Who are you nice people? Well, I know who you are. The kidding around is most welcome, and none of you are really fired, not even Gordo. Thanks so much!

Mr Potsblog enjoys mud season

People who live in snowy places enjoy phase one of spring, mud season. Especially when dogs have a big yard to play in. I am NOT handy, but I made this awesome gravel walkway with wooden border. So, the mud is there, but not here. (for the record: my dogs love mud, and they joyfully bring it in)

Teenage Goo Goo Muk

Live, The Cramps and 'Teenage Goo Goo Muck'

Monday, March 26, 2007

Bunny Bowls

(bowls by Gary Rith)
Remember, shop at my gallery for all your bunny pottery needs.


(bowls by Gary Rith)