Saturday, September 06, 2008

Book talk with the regular guy

I go through absolute STACKS of books and magazines every week, I really do, but never mention it here. I tend to, ahem, read it and forget it, but maybe I should try a little harder to think about what I read. So here goes.
I am reading 'Bodega Dreams' by Ernesto (what was his last name, dammit?), a dude my wife introduced me to at a coffee house, he's a for real writer and professor and award winner, but I havn't finished the book so I am not writing about it now. But imagine that, you bump into a guy in a coffee shop and read his book and it kicks a$$? Doesn't happen every day.
I saw 'Korgi' in the window of the comic book store and had to buy it because it is so cute. Just a graphic novel, no words, just drawings, good for anybody on earth, any age, and it is so cute and such a great story! Little woodland elf types and little magic dogs. I gotta get 'Korgi 2' now. 9 thumbs up out of 10!
(You may notice that what I review invariably gets a big thumbs up. I am careful. I don't watch movies or read books unless I really want to. Careful selection process=many thumbs up)


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Pottsblog recommended "Bodega Dreams" to me, too. (The author's last name is Quinones.) If you BOTH liked it, chances are I will, too.

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Hi Gary - Another thing we have in common... I'm always reading too. Read before I konk off for the night. Read in the car (if I'm not driving). Read at the breakfast table. Like you, I also "read it and forget it," though I like to think that some of it sticks some of the time.

Janet said...

I have a friend who loves corgis AND fairies...gotta get this for her!