Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hairy Canary

(the BEFORE)
Funny story, this is. But first, some background.
Last time I went to a barber was 1993, or maybe 1992. Once I had lassoed my wife, I started chopping my own hair, maybe with her help, because I wasn't trying to look presentable anymore. Just, you know, reduce the crop from shaggy to a little shorter with scissors and a mirror. I liked going to Gabby's barber shop in Chicago, which was an old-fashioned barber shop for yuppies and guppies (you know what a guppy is, don't you???) and Gabby would poke and stroke your head and I would come out looking like a little boy, but that was a long time ago. Maybe thanks to Gabby I looked super-sexy and that is why my wife fell for me? But as I say, once the vows were said, I did what all men do, which is revert to caveman.
Anyway, the missus has an appt. this morning at 9:30 at the Hairy Canary, which looks uncannily like Gabby's barber shop in Chicago, for a cut or trim or whatever. She can't make it, because of a daylong class she had forgotten about. Can't cancel, so guess who gets a hair cut? Moi.


Gordo said...

I periodically pop in to George's barbershop downtown when I don't feel like cutting my own hair. It's also and old fashioned place like Gabby's. Nothing fancy, four chairs in front of a big mirror, sit down, take your turn. Scissors, clippers, finish with a straight razor, then you're out the door.

Anonymous said...

my barber was candy, who has i don't know how many black belts and national metals in one of the martial arts so you don't want to mess with her! but she's great. i will still visit her even if i cut my own hair now. she loves japanese things and her shop is just japanese things. very twilight zone.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Wait! You started cutting your own hair once you got married? Heh. Why keep running once you've caught the bus? Heh.

Okay, now. Post a picture of the results.

gary rith said...

It is all part of my avant-garde-anarchist outlook. In the summmer, I wear a grey or green tee and jeans every day. In the winter I wear jeans and a grey or green tee with a flannel shirt. There is not much thinking involved. Pretty much whichever item is on top of the clean clothing pile. And shaving every day is a bore, so I don't.
I am, however, in magnificent and buff condition and always clean and sweet smelling.
And anyway, to put it delicately, if a man is REALLY well groomed he is:
a) single and looking
b) gay
c) a married man chasing his secretary

Anonymous said...

Gary, this actually makes sense (your comment above) and makes me feel better about what life will be like in my world when dh retires.
Besides, I like flannel.