Friday, September 05, 2008

a petite glaze tip

(pots by Gary Rith)
My potting pal Dragonfly Clay Studio sent me some groovy glaze recipes. Here are three for her. I use them at the Cornell Pot Shop, and you can see them on my pieces above.
Cone 6, electric kiln, oxidation.

VC 71 base (semi-matte, speckly green--wild!)
custer spar 4000
frit 3124 900
whiting 1600
talc 900
epk 1000
flint 1600
bentonite 200
--for green (above on frog mug) add copper carbonate 400
--for blue (not shown) cobalt carbonate 200

Opal (on elephant and blue mugs above--super gorgeous but can be a little runny)
gillespie borate (probably gerstley borate too) 5000
flint 3250
epk 1750
rutile 300
cobalt carbonate 300
bentonite 200

white (blueberry bowls above--nice creamy semi-matte)
gerstley borate 3163
talc 1395
epk 498
kona f4 spar 1980
silica 2964
zircopax 511
bentonite 199


cm said...

Ok, those blueberry bowls have given me the impetus I need to find a job.

Newt said...

Oh, that blue is such an awesome color. Me loves it.

Anonymous said...

sounds like super secret code there! might as well been talkin' about super (silly?) string theory!

Cheryl Alena Kinzel said...

Thank you Gary! I am excited about trying some new colours.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

What about Hot Pink! You gotta' make a hot pink??? Pleeeaaase! Is it possible?

gary rith said...

I see above that hot pink is certainly a hair color choice!

Gordo said...

Now, I know what it's like when a co-worker and I jabber about computer issues in front of the other staff. LOL

Those bowls are awesome, Gary.

Lynda said...

Thank goodness I have all these ingredients in the pantry - I might make some for Sunday dinner ;-)

tt said...

Not too sure about all that potter code...but the pieces are fabulous!
I love the creme colored ones..

Wep said...

OMG I love those elephant cups. Do you sell them?

And your beagle is adorable :)

Anonymous said...

What have you been drinking, Gary? You're giving out recipes online?!?

Janet said...

ooh, those bowls are verrah prettah!