Thursday, September 20, 2007

unneccesary closeup

(Mr Pottersblog turns the camera around)

Blooger has been in a bad mood.

I need to cast a spell on the darn thing to get it to load my pics today.


Greg said...


and the ones in the background look cool

gr said...

howdy Grego!

cm said...

Hi all! I found an internet cafe. How sad is that, not here 12 hours and already in withdrawal.

Susan as herself said...

Au contraire---sometimes close-ups are HIGHLY necessary.

I wish i could see the photos of the big cat mugs, though.

gr said...

CM in Dublin!
Why can't people see the pics?

Gordo The Geek said...

Oh, sure ... Call me blind, but you'll believe someone with a shell in her ear? Hmmph

Kate & Jim said...

Hi CM! How was your trip? Take pics and share them with Gary!

Where's Celeste? Wasn't she supposed to pick up the pace or something? ;)

Celeste said...

don't know why you people are missing CM, she's so strait-laced!
where's the fun?