Monday, September 10, 2007

1 800-injury lawyer

It is funny: the law school mock trials I attended last spring were compact, fast moving and action packed, as you might expect. Like a movie. Real juries involve several hours just watching the lawyers pick and interview jurors. I was not selected, which I was happy about. Interestingly, you have never seen such nice judges, court officers, court policemen--the nicest group imaginable, all making us feel welcome and appreciated.

There was a time when certain types of people were excluded from juries: clergy, lawyers, doctors, people over 70. Not anymore! Everybody has to go.

This was a civil case, a renter slipped on ice and was suing the landlord. That is all we know at that point. The lawyer with the case was from 1-800-injury lawyer on TV! What a stereotype, to my eyes....the other guy, from Syracuse, the landlord's, was a real pro, confident, intelligent, the guy I would hire if I needed a lawyer.

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Mother of Invention said...

I'm not sure but I don't think doctors, dentists, chiros etc. have to go up here. I've only been called once but got excused...I told them my cats couldn't get along without me for a whole day!