Saturday, September 08, 2007

blues and yellows!

(pottery and sunflowers byGary Rith)

The sunflowers were a surprise. I tossed down a few seeds which I figured the birds would eat and now they threaten to take over.

Even better are these recent pots. The relax plaque is the first time I have added a cup to the motif, which would be good also with 'be joyful'.


ML said...

Almost as gorgeous as MY 'little blue bowl', which has quickly become my pride and joy. I little gem, truly.

ML said...

No, no, not I! "A" little gem!

gr said...

Thanks ML!!!

denis said...

absolutely stunning!

Anonymous said...

Be careful what pictures you post on your blog. Too many sunflowers and Santa Claus may get the idea that you want more seeds for planting for Christmas.