Tuesday, September 04, 2007


(Penny, work by Gary Rith, Emily cat)

Ah, soooooooooo busy. Piggy relax plaque fired and is cooling today, then you see a batch of mugs, bowls and teapots (Scott and Mary: YES! That is your stuff drying on a warm kiln) just made yesterday then just finished today, on the kiln. Finally, Emily cat is very very sick. Spike moved in with us a month ago with some kind of cat flu, and he is fine now but she has it bad, and she is very old and I don't know what this is going to be like. If she does not get better soon, the vet can come over.


greg said...

hope emily gets over it as quickly as spike did!.. lots of field mice soup will do wonders for her I am sure.

cm said...

I was going to send some chicken soup, but greg's right, field mice soup might be just the ticket.

gr said...

thanks, and the vet comes over midday Wednesday

Anonymous said...

Hope my namesake is feeling better soon. Please pet her for me.


Kate & Jim said...

When ours had it (quite a few years ago)after a visit to the vets...(yes they picked it up at the vets) we actually ran a humidifier with 'Vicks' in it, in our bedroom. (You know the kind that you use when kids are sick...) It did wonders.

Hope Emily is better soon.