Wednesday, November 28, 2007

a wee bit of magic

(purple gnome mugs by Gary Rith)
I know, a little dark, but I feel like I nailed it. You have all kinds of ideas, and you are lucky if 1 out of 20 works out. So, these curvy little cups, and I was fiddling around with gnomes, and heavens to Betsy, perfect.


Greg said...

very nice Mr Potter! good colour and I love the splash of colour the red hats make

Lis Garrett ~ a writer's woolgatherings said...

They are perfect! I absolutely love them. :-)

Gordo The Geek said...

I don't think they're dark at all, Gary.

You'd best be careful where you 'wee', though ... :-D

gr said...

wee wee wee wee weeeeeeeeeee

CM said...

::eye roll::

Those are lovely.