Saturday, November 03, 2007

purples and blues

(vases by Gary Rith)
Yes, sometimes there are no little pigs on my pots, or dogs and the rest either. But it is hard not to slop every glaze in the bucket onto pots, for that swirly look.
OK, what's doing today (and who cares, right?)? Ship goblets to Celeste, glaze a load, finish another load, and pack a triple sized load to deliver to stores Sunday. Clean the litter box. Vacuum here and there. Scrub the bath and kitchen. Cook a tofu turkey dinner. This is a busy one.


CM said...

Sheesh. We care. Why else would we check in here every day?

gr said...

My life is so utterly mundane and ordinary, but i figure people visit for the cute pet pics.

ML said...

well, those ARE nice, (all those cute animals) but it's the potter and his business and his products and himself that keep me coming back. Not to mention the wonderful assortment of people who drop by daily to lookin and add their own tuppence worth of comments. Lots going on here! All of the nicer sort, too.

Ellen said...

Well, the cute little animals on pots, and the cute pet pics DO help... You know though, that art is a rather personal thing. Folks want to know the person who made what they are buying. It gives that personal element to identify with. So, it makes your life just fascinating to your customers.

Wow, a tofu turkey? Too bad I can't have soy. I love tofu!

gr said...

Yep, tofu turkey stuffed with stuffing and that sort of thing. VEGAN!
Let us keep in mind, please, that your host has not a serious bone in his body, and he knows, oh yes HE KNOWS that you want to know every little detail of his life, including cleaning the cat box.

Anonymous said...

speaking of cute animals
ML, how is your kitty?

cleaning litter boxes is very important stuff
of course we want to know that is on your list

the American Holisitc Veterinary Medical Association has a website where one can search for member vets-
some holisitc vets are willing to do phone consultations depending on their modality

of course if you have a vet you and your cat know and trust, that is the best place to start

also, if you ever need to give your cat subcutaneous hydration, the best written directions I have ever seen-okay, only written directions-is in the New Natural Cat book by Anita Frazier.
it made a huge difference for me and therefore my kitty.
of course one can't do everything mentioned in the book
and one could go crazy trying


gr said...


celeste said...

Me, I come for the booze.

Mrs. P said...

Thank you for everything you do. We love it!

denis said...

hey, you're great and all, but i come here for celeste.

ML said...

Many thanks to you, Deborah, for the info. Right now, things are greatly improved and still improving, so cross fingers, but I'm really so grateful for your input!