Monday, November 12, 2007

POST # 1871

Penny and Emily doing what they both do best for 23 1/2 hours a day.

I am in a vaguely crummy mood. No small reasons or excuses, but I feel like the gnome below, with a one-fingered opinon about Mondays. (as the song went 'tell me why I don't like Mondays...').

I am out of the gnome kick. The heck with them. I have an order for the ever kindly Celeste to make, Deborah too, and Mary Lee suggests stovetop spoon holders. The world would be a better place with my little flat pigs, cows, dogs on everybody's stovetop keeping them glop free.
Listen, new feature here called 'usual suspects' down the right side. Visit my friends and give them trouble.


Anonymous said...

Even on a Monday, your dog and cat are cute, the yellow teapot makes me smile, and I am glad for a community where you can tell us all about being in a crummy mood.
And none of us feel like we have to change it or make you feel better.


Ellen said...

got you in another treasury on Etsy! Here is the link: ya'all go click on all the squares in it and make it popular, hear?

John Bailey said...

It's the change of season, Gary. Sours the juices, it does.

I love Mary Lee's idea of stovetop spoon holders. At the end of a cooking session you'll find glops of spoon droppings all over my work surfaces. The trick for success here might be designing them so's they'll go safely into the dishwasher without dropping through the slats?

gr said...

rather demanding, aren't you John? Next you'll be asking for cups that don't have holes in te bottom and teapots that pour!
And thanks, Ellen and Deborah, thanks. Today is TUESDAY! Not Monday anymore.

Greg said...

OOOO spoon rests! Sorry to hear your Monday was a crummy day gary. It was actually a good and productive day for me for once! - what gives I wonder ;)