Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Letter to the editor:

This blog is a non-political, neutral, family friendly and silly place, for fun, like D!sney.
BUT, naturally, underneath my wise-cracking and idiotic outward appearance, there lurks a person with political opinons, and yes, a daily life. You won't get posts like this one very often.

I am what is known as a 'yellow dog democrat', meaning the dems could put even an old yellow dog up for candidate, and I would vote for them. Yesterday there was at least one republican candidate on the local elections running unoposed, and I DID NOT vote for them. I had a friend ask once if I was a socialist to which I replied 'of course I'm a socialist, I'M POOR!'. There are people who are too caught up in fighting dubious wars and worrying about whether gay couples can get married and have an abortion, when what really matters to most of us in the US is health care for Americans, good jobs for Americans, and an affordable tank of gas to get to that job.

OK, we had local elections yesterday, and for two months me and my neighbors had signs at the ends of our yards for democratic candidates. They were stolen yesterday, although other people in the area whose signs were close to their front door were not stolen. It feels creepy and thuggish. (luckily my naked lady sculpture and piggy sculpture are next to the front door, or maybe they would have taken those too, right?).

I wrote this letter to the editor of the paper. BTW--democrats just about swept all the seats, including my buddy and blogger David Makar, who is also getting married Saturday.

Letter to the Editor of Tompkins Weekly:
To the person whole stole the campaign signs from my yard on election day:
I had a number of signs in my yard showing support for Democratic town of Dryden candidates, as did my next door neighbor. On the afternoon of election day, their signs and mine were stolen.
I don't want to make a mountain out of a molehill, but as a patriotic American, I wonder if this is what our troops are fighting for? I have the freedom to show my support on my property for candidates of my choosing, and you can do the same. Images of Pakistan in the news remind us that we are lucky to not live in a place where there is political chaos and thuggishness when people try to participate in the democratic process. If you disagree with my choice of candidates, you can put some signs up in your lawn, organize your friends and go together to the polls and vote. Theft of personal property and trespassing are not something you can do, and if I had the chance to get your photo and license plates, you could have had a little talk with the sheriff about all this.
Thanks, Gary Rith

You should see the gnome I just finished--oh boy. Pics Thursday.


Lou said...

I read it Gary,and enjoyed it, reason I didn't comment was because I agreed, but if it makes you feel any better, damn those sign stealing arseholes! The curse of the seven snotty orphans on them! There's a good oirish curse for you now me boyo ;)

gr said...


ML said...

Oh, while we're a-cursin', let's make it a nice round 14 of those orphans. That should keep 'em too busy to indulge in any further thievery!
As to the present state of US politics, nauseates me too much to discuss further.

Susan as herself said...

Here, here. Well written.

Whoever resorts to stealing of campaign materials is a boob.

And not the good kind, either.

Mona Buonanotte said...

That's a great letter, man, but unfortunately, the little slimeballs who stole your signs are prolly so ignin't they can't read anything other than the comics.