Tuesday, November 06, 2007


(Gnome by Gary Rith)
I was wrestling with an insurance company earlier today and perhaps that got into my subconscious.


celeste said...

And a couple of these. One for work, one for home, one for that bartender who refused to serve me last night.

gr said...

Put one of these on your lawn next to the gnaked gnomes, or maybe we should combine the two ideas???

Greg said...

hmmm "gnome postures"? The "kama gnome-tra"?

remind me to never get you angry at me!

But I DO love their overall looks dude

Gordo The Geek said...

Awesome, Gary. Make him 18" tall and put him next to the nose-picking gnome and we're all set. :-D

Lou said...

He's soooo cute Gary, I love him. If and when I come to Amerikay I'll be sure to leave plenty of room in my suitcase for him or his clone! He's so darling, with his little attitude, i can't help smiling every time I see it!

gr said...

nose picking!

ML said...

One of these darling little guys should be on the desk of every mid-level executive and on his secretary's, as well. Just a glance his way should go far in relieving that urge to scream.

Anonymous said...

love his expressiveness even without the finger actually extended
actually-maybe more
can you feel the anticipation?

are you making more?

i'll take one!
I had a great boss for a while there that gave me great advice-because once a year, at least one person I was trying to help on the other end of the line would make me cry-sometimes, you just got to hang up the phone and give them the finger and forget about it

nice to know the serenity prayer can be summed up in this gnome

come to think of it i'll take more than one

as an aside observation-i take part in a weekly peace vigil down here and it is mostly the men that give the finger slowly driving by whereas the women generally give the hand or resolutely look the other way driving by quickly
neither of which i feel is too safe for other drivers-to be fair, neither is holding the cell phone with one hand and giving the peace signal with the other with none on the actual steering wheel


gr said...

I gave the one fingered salute on a Chicago street to a car that nearly ran me over and the MAFIOSO who was driving jumped out and began yelling about it 'do you know who I am??' etc, and I just said 'you nearly hit me' and he was like 'oh, ok then'. I guess he thought I was flipping off his grand mafianess which would earn cement shoes, whereas a person has a right to flip off somebody who almost drives over them.
Yes, Deborah, considering where you live I am not surprised there are a few unenlightened folks.