Saturday, November 17, 2007

fishy banks, monkeys and White Zombie

(pots by Gary Rith)
OK, all the news and updates here.
First, a petite tune: White Zombie and 'Thunder kiss 65'. Probably not for the faint of heart.

Second: Deborah, that is my first ever monkey spoon thing and it looks pretty cute.
I just got an order for a fishy bank, and so I made 2.

The wife has improved but I think she has generously given me a nasty cold. Does it mean anything when you feel dizzy and you have a bloody nose?

Lastly, people are so nice. So many have written about our old dog Jack. The vet has ruled out diabetes, so I get to chase him around Monday and try to catch some urine in a baby food jar for a kidney screening. I doubt if either the dog or me is going to enjoy that task.


denis said...

i can just picture it now. lol.

i hope it's nothing serious with jack - he's such a great dog!

Kate & Jim said...


Gary, try using a deepish paper plate (or something equivalent)to grab that urine sample, then pour it into the container. Worked for us. Although the dog was a bit shocked and offended! :)

Gordo The Geek said...

Holy moley, that mental image is astounding! LOL

Those banks are great, Gary!

CM said...

Love the fish!

ML said...

Love it all!!!! But especially the fish!
A paper bowl for specimen catching? And bless the hearts of both of you! What won't we do in service of the beloved fourlegged family members?
I'm also really cross fingered that you and the Mrs. aren't having one of those really awesomely awful 'new' variety of colds they're speaking of on the telly, These ones are dangerous, so be careful as careful, please, both of you.

gr said...

Thanks,as the Pythons said 'I'm not dead yet, feeling a bit better, really!'

Greg said...

WOW! what great fish banks!.. now if only the great banks of fish would return! ;) ... umm I DO love the spoon rest gary.. but from that angle it looks like something you could use with your task & Jack! ;)

Anonymous said...

the monkey spoon rest is great and just right for the person I have it in mind for.
how do you do it?

and the fish! I think you got fish.

Good luck to you and Jack!

And hope you feel better.
Are you drinking enough fluids?