Wednesday, April 23, 2008

she's mighty good at this: on to Indiana and NC

I am so pleased to have a primary season that matters, as long as they keep things about the issues and the nastiness waits for the republicans. I hope young people are paying attention, because I don't think we're in good shape, and we gotta tell the people in the capital and White House we're sick of flushing our economy down the Iraqi toilet.


Gordo said...

""the nastiness waits for the republicans"

Excuse me? Exactly what would you call the Democrat's tit for tat, Gary? A love-in?

gr said...

that is why, Gord, I said I hope the nastiness waits for the repubs: Hillary and Barack have been quite nasty to each other but should stop and save it for McCain

kcinnova said...

The photo is wonderful! Better than seeing the same news clip over and over of her downing shots with the locals.
Did you see her on The Colbert Report? Now THAT was funny!

[I loves me some Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert]