Thursday, April 17, 2008

Le Swimming Pool

So next in the netflix line was "The Swimming Pool". Like I said after the depressing movie "Year of the Dog", a supposed comedy where the cute beagle dies in the opening minutes, we planned to cleanse the palate with some beaches and bikinis.
There was a running joke in Seinfeld, about a foreign movie called "Rachelle Rachelle", 'one young woman's erotic journey from Milan to Minsk'. The joke is funny because it is true, there really is a certain type of foreign movie which involves English people traveling, getting nekkid with the natives, partying with the pool guy, and speaking French.
Everything is more profound, of course, because it is French.
I am instituting a movie rating system. "Year of the Dog" gets 5 thumbs down out of 10, "Le Swimming Pool" gets 8 thumbs up, out of 10. It was entertaining.


Anonymous said...

you found this movie entertaining???!!??!!??!!!

saw it in fall creek theatre years ago.

gr said...

well, maybe most men would have found it entertaining....

Anonymous said...

spoiler alert********

isn't it creepy and doesn't someone get blugeoned?

gr said...

well, there is a lot of _____