Sunday, April 20, 2008

me and Ben

(teaset by Gary Rith)
So I am working with a painter friend, Ben Marlen, on a special wall piece. He makes and paints something to hold and display my special jewel-like pottery piece--first candidate here. Fire it up and see if it floats his boat, then he can do his thing with the wood and paint.

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Farmer*swife said...

Okay, this has nothing to do with your post here but I am curious.

Since you've been secretly sending potter stuff to bloggies and all.

Our builder's Dad (Papa Builder) mentioned to me recently that he was wanting to find or have made -- a bowl attached to the salad plate. For the perfection of serving soup and salad in one, unique dish.

I don't know what your items price at? But, I am curious and if you make or could make something like this.

If it falls in the budget (well, nothing does due to the new house payment, LOL) but...I thought immediately of your site...and wondered.

It'd be nifty to "gift" to him.

Anyhow, if so drop me a line at my bloggie world

Thanks Potter Man!

(Kcinova, tink, I think and someone else's pottery pleasures encourage me to ask)