Thursday, April 24, 2008


(grumpy plaque by Gary Rith)
How do you spell 'fuggedaboutit'? 'Forgeddaboutit'? I was thinking that's what these guys will say.


Susan as herself said...

I have seen it written (on t-shirts and the like) as:


Although that never looked right to me.

In say make up your own spelling and, uh, fuggedaboudit.

Reb said...

How about FO'GEDABOUDIT ? Or take out the apostrophe.

Grego said...

I love the look of the plaque! :)

how about simply "take off eh!"

gr said...

you hoser!

ML said...

Now we're discussing a more or less non-existent word? Oy! I seem to remember seeing it as 'fagedaboudit'. But I rather like the Canadian version. P/S.
The face on the right side is surely patterned after Groucho Marx?