Wednesday, April 09, 2008


(mugs by Gary Rith, with animals on the bottom inside)
Yes, I put the animals on the outside most of the time, but the very first little animals I made were on the inside bottom, so you could see the pig as you drank down your coffee. Later I started moving the animal to the handle etc. But you know, there are many ways of making things.


deborah said...

i know my niece and nephew love their animal in the bottom of the mug mugs.
gary even made them age appropriate size wise.

the dog looks like the kind just waiting for a young boy to discover him and go on adventures with. (apparently girls don't have adventures in my imaginary world. hee)

and the pig is simply adorable. and waiting for just the right person to spot and take home.

Cristen said...
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Tink said...

So that doggie paddles through the coffee? Kinda creepy, man. ;)

gr said...

well, you can SCARE your unsuspecting guests