Monday, April 21, 2008

blood sports

Denis is French Canadien and my best friend since I was 17. However, he is a Montreal Canadiens hockey fan, which makes for a spicy friendship when you love the Bruins. The Bruins had a middling team ths year, but have been fighters in the play offs against the hated Montreal team, tying the series 3-3 games in heroic fashion. A lottery scratch ticket rides on the series outcome, and it is not good enough the Bruins win: then I have to crush Denis with insults.
But that's not my point. Both Denis and I were football players in high school. Terrible teams with players from 138 pounds and 5'8" (me and Denis) to players 6'3" and 320 pounds (big Jim Weaver---whom I tackled and blocked successfully every time we met because his knees were a weak spot).
Anyway, so I dreamt all night Denis and I were suiting up and practicing for a new high school football season....


denis said...

that's a great photo!

btw, the bruins suck!

gr said...

better count your pennies and buy a ticket for me