Tuesday, July 31, 2007

pops comes over

(Gary and pops)
So, off to the doctor early yesterday, I am most healthy thanks, then pops was over for lunch without his over-active dog, then out to help hang an exhibit of photos....OK, back to normal work stuff today, I hope.


Anonymous said...

Back to work!

Kate & Jim said...

Nice to see you had a great day! And what a nice letter from a 'fan'.

We're up and outta here for shopping and such. It's supposed to be another HOT and HUMID one! I'll spend it in the shops. (not the MALL!)

gr said...

Thanks, folks.

Notice: I have hair, whereas none of the other men do? How did that happen?

Mother of Invention said...

Your dad does photo exhibits? (What a handsome guy! He looks like those people that are easy to do charactertures of!)