Tuesday, July 24, 2007

blue and blue together!

(cups by Gary Rith)
Thought I would seehow it looked if blue jeans and bright blue glaze were together. Fantastico!


denis said...

it looks kinda purplish to me.

well done. congrats.

Kate & Jim said...

For once, Gary, they actually look blue here. ha!

I had to laugh at Denis's comment, only because I'm the one who usually sees a different color.

OH...that's right! I took off my sunglasses today! :):):)

gr said...

Ignore Denis. He is a Montreal Canadiens fan and his tastes are suspect.
Why yes, those are 2 different blues, sunglasses or not, thank you very much.

Lou said...

they're gorgeous Garry, the two colours are perfect together, but then i love blue

Mother of Invention said...

You've created the new fad colour, "Denim Glaze"!!
It's gorgeous actually...I love blue best.

Lou said...

what's up Gary? you've usually posted by now?

Lou said...

6! theres a 6 in the morning? wow. The reason I was thinking you were late was coz I've seen you commenting earlier, or thought I had, on Johns page. Never mind me, silly lou :)