Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Visiting Vets

I have a feeling my readers don't need to be introduced to James Herriot, the Yorkshire vet and writer. Excellent books and BBC episodes. I have read the books at least once, and we are watching season 3 (of 7 or 8 seasons) of the program. Although some people came to his office, on many other occaisions he visited his patients at their homes.
The point? Our vet works out of her truck, she only does home visits, and she is coming over this morning. Penny shall be inspected and give a blood sample and the rest. Penny has not been told all of this. Our vet has beagles at home too.

I have to say, when Sammy passed 3 weeks ago here at home with the vet, the trauma was much less for everybody, sitting at home, and saying goodbye. It was the very best it could be. Today it is a visit to say hello!


Gordo The Geek said...

Visiting vets are a wonderful vestige of a lost time.

I have to think that when I had to put Toby down, it would have been easier to have been able to do it at home.

greg said...

wow. I did not know you were able to do that at home, with you and the bet there. I agree with gordo, home for that is ther best place for you and most especially for one's pet I believe.

I remember watching that serious with great glee when I was a young lad. From an early age up until mid highscool I sooo wanted to be a vet do and live like Herriot.

gr said...

Oh yeah, everybody wanted to become a VET!

Mother of Invention said...

Your vet is a rare find! It's so much better at their home...my cats get traumatized to have to get in that carrying cage since they never go in the car otherwise.