Saturday, May 26, 2007

The roving beer reporter checks in: Cave Creek Chili Beer

As you all know, I am also a beer reporter at large for A Good Beer Blog. This is an article and review I just completed. I was too polite to say it in the review: although fun to try, this chili beer is disgusting.
(you will note, of course, the clever tie-ins: beagle, my tiki mug...)

I have a hellacious cold and the temps got up into the 90s today, so it was time to crack open the chili beer. I wondered if it would clear my sinuses, and boy, did it ever!
From Arizona to me here in New York, I wanted to try the beer in the clear bottle with the floating chili in it. I got my favorite tiki mug out, which I had made myself and seems like just the thing for chili beer. The beer is a nice orangey straw color, poured foamy too, clearing but leaving behind an oily film on the beer's surface. First sip and all sips proved one thing, although chilled it was HOT. This is a very spicy beer, and really did clear my runny nose and stuffed head, and made me sweat. People in the Southwest are laughing at me now, thinking this beer could be spicier, BUT I like spicy food, and this stuff is pretty hot. That's about all I could taste, jalapeno. The wife says we need to have one in the house at all times, for medicinal purposes. She also, bold soul, ate the chili entirely, which impressed me, but she said it wasn't all that hot. Obviously it had all leached into the beer.

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meno said...

Ever tried garlic wine? Now THAT's disgusting.