Wednesday, May 02, 2007

sip, swig, savor

(pots and plaque by Gary Rith)
I am part of a traveling art show, headed to restaurants and wineries and wherever people might imbibe. I am a little short on details. ANYWAY, this is, if you hadn't guessed, a sipping pig, swigging bunny, and savoring dog. There will be writing on the scroll there. Today I am making some of the actual pieces, goblet, stein, mug, plus maybe pedestal pot.


Gordo The Geek said...

BWAHAHA! That's great, Gary! Sip, swig and savour would be a great name for a pub. Properly spelled, of course.

gr said...

Oh, I see, Canadian spelling adds that sort of glamourous appeal, right?

Kate & Jim said...

Sorry Gary - Must agree with Gordo! 'savour' seems to add such a nice touch. Especially if it's expensive! ha! (Just couldn't resist this one.)

Meant to add last time, that your collection of animals is truly terrific. We have 3 dogs and 4 cats. Well, actually 3 cats now, since one has gone on to better things. Yes...they're spoiled!

We've been viewing the pottery and are looking for mugs for tea. Something nice to clasp in your hand. Not a fancy handle, just something to put your two fingers thru and keep the index finger round the top with the thumb on the other side, and pinky on the bottom. Something comfortable and green! Gee...are 'we' being 'particular' tonight? :)

gr said...

Dear kate and Jim: I can and will make you happy. Stay tuned!