Wednesday, May 02, 2007

quick dry

(pots by Gary Rith)
I need to fire the kiln Thursday, so stuff needs to be dry in 18 hours. The kiln is warm so some pots are on its top, and I am filling the sunny back deck with stuff. My clay body is very tough, and does not crack when subjected to quick drying.

I walk around and see other people's gardens and they are so pretty and tidy and I am just at a loss: I guess ten years in the woods has spoiled me for a nice cultivated garden. I have no idea where to start, although filling some pots with purple flowers on the porch may be a good start.


cm said...

That's probably all the place needs, really. Let the rest of it run wild and see what comes up.

Tracy said...

I had a tough time at first too. The gardens had been badly neglected for many years and I didn't know a weed from a flower, still don't know too much, but I am getting there. I even get compliments on my flower gardens once in awhile too!

Gotta just dig in and start somewhere.

gr said...

Well, cm, except for this one nasty weed, that is what I shall do. Then, start with the boxes and pots of purple flowers on the porch.