Thursday, May 03, 2007

Justin and the OTHER Penny check in

(Penny the Jack Russell terrier, cow mugs by Gary Rith)
Remember: hang around me and I WILL blog it. Justin writes about his order of cow mugs, and tells us about HIS little dog named Penny:

"Hello Gary!

I was out of the office yesterday, and it was killing me to know that the mugs were waiting on my desk when I got there. And this morning, I tore it open in a flash! (Well, a very careful flash of course.) The mugs are amazing! Even better than I imagined! The glaze is fantastic-blues and purples-very nice! Even the tiny pot that came along with it is...well, awesome. My co-worker Erica promptly filled it with some small purple flowers and it now adorns my desk at work, right near my piggy bank. I even attached a picture (a bit blurry-the office has fluorescent lights and I can never get a good pic between flash and no flash). I am so happy with everything! I check potsblog daily now. I didn't want to "hijack" your blog with something about me, but I have a little dog named Penny also! She's a Jack Russell, and with some free time I made her a website. (I know it sounds a little nuts, but I was playing with a new website program and she seemed like good subject matter.) So if you h
ave some free time between pigs, you can check it out at
Keep up the great work - I love the large bowls posted today on potsblog!


Listen Justin, hijack away, esp. if you want to say nice things. Justin is an aspiring potter, and now we know he has a little dog named Penny too. The site has cute pics and movies. Awesome.

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