Thursday, May 03, 2007

Handmade clay ray guns?????

Our old pal Gordo checks in with this link for hand sculpted clay ray guns. That's pretty cool, Gord, thanks!
Gordo is another one of these folks I met at another site and have met in person a couple of times for lunch etc. Gordo is nicer and funnier than you might imagine, also a whole lot taller and wicked smart too. I don't know why smart people hang around here. Gordo has also (hehehehe) filled his house with a collection of my pots, but I am really grateful for this ray gun link. Who knew???


Gordo The Geek said...

There are quite a number of people making stuff like this, Gary. Did you notice the pricing? Yow.

I love the raku glazing, too. Very neat.

gr said...

I wanna piece of that pricing. Henceforth add a zero to all my prices.