Tuesday, May 01, 2007

glazing, throwing

(in progress by Gary Rith)
So, luckily this new dog is easy to care for and not demanding. She sleeps most of the time, alongside the others. But, you know, it is a bit of a disruption in the work schedule. SO, glazing and firing now, clean the muddy kitchen etc before the vet comes over, more bowls and mugs after lunch, and by Gawd, the lawn needs cutting (NOT SNOW SHOVELING)
I am also working on a special project, more on that later.


greg said...

very cool, glad to see you and the new addition managing to mesh your schedules. I am very surprised about a housecalling vet! didn't they go out with the McCarthy era??

The protype footstool is almost done-pics soon for ya gr.

Maggie said...

Thank god the snow shoveling is done!

Very cute beagle by the way.

gr said...

The vet is a sweetie too. Very good with them.

Guess what the second choice name was maggie????

Maggie said...

um, Maggie?

gr said...

you're quick, Mags!

Maggie said...

oh yeah i'm one sharp tack

Kate & Jim said...

Hi Gary - We're over here from John Baileys. Have been viewing your blog since he first mentioned you in his daily journal.

Nice quote today on his...and when we posted, we mentioned that we might use it for ourselves. Only substitute 'vodka' for 'scotch'! :)

We're going to keep viewing your blog, very nice indeed. We're from downstate NY, Hudson Valley.

gr said...

Rock on, Maggie.

Welcome Kate and Jim!!! Please, visit here early and often and if you ever travel a couple hours further upstate, let me know and you can stop in for a cup of _____.