Monday, March 24, 2008

witch bottles for Grego

(witch bottles by Gary Rith)
Greg couldn't make it last Friday because of the whole dog thing, so he didn't pick up his witch bottles and he won't be making spells quite yet.


Gordo said...

Wow. Is the front one just glazed on teh inside?

Kate & Jim said...

These are beautiful! I'd love to see one in that new wonderful 'green' that you have.

And yea - what Gordo said above???

gr said...

yes, Greg said glaze only on the inside for one with green, which was a style in the 1600s called Borderware

Greg said...

WOW!!! very nice there Gary!

check in later for post on what one does waiting for a wayward pet to wander home (bowls and spoons!)

Knight said...

*gasp* those are beautiful! I have the need to cast spells now.