Wednesday, March 12, 2008

going over to the dark side and a petite rant?

Just like New York's junior senator, I have moved many times and can claim many hometowns and many hometown baseball teams. So here's a run down:
when I was very little I was born in Nebraska and we moved to Iowa for many years. There are pictures of me in St Louis Cardinal hats and Cub hats, quite appropriate. Later I lived in the Cleveland area for a bit and went to my first baseball game to see the Indians. Later, I moved into Chicago and supported both White Sox and Cubs and went to many of their games. They were the yearly underdogs, and people love both teams.
The longest I ever lived anywhere is near Boston, and I went to a game or two and have a Red Sox hat or two. Those perenniel underdogs, just like the White Sox, are suddenly world series winners.
I now find myself in New York, just like Hillary. Hillary grew up in Chicago but now makes NY her home.
I woke up the other day and the feelings of being conflicted are gone. I woke up a Yankees fan. My father is a Mets fan, but I just can't get very excited about them, because I think their bright orange and blue colors are a bit irritating together. Not so the Yankees! A nice deep, traditional navy blue on white, very balanced and classy looking. If a person has always been a Yankees hater, how do they deal with moving to New York? When they don't like the Mets colors or mascot?
If we look at the Yank and we look at Hillary, we see a certain 'win at all costs and rip their lungs out too' sort of New Yorker mentality. I can understand that. Surprisingly, considering that, people have been nicer to me in NY than anybody in my whole life ever, I must say, and if you can make it in this state, you can make it anywhere, right?
When I was a kid I saw a Lou Gehrig movie which was excellent. Babe Ruth visits a boy at the hospital and promises to hit a home run over the wall at a certain spot. Then Lou Gehrig visits the boy and realizes he has to go one better, and promises TWO home runs that day, and both hitters manage to do it. Now that's cool.
In school we learned Yankees stands for Jann Kaas. Jann Kaas was the equivalent to 'John Bull' in England, or 'John Doe' or 'John Smith' in the US. Jann Kaas was the name for the Dutch settler and everyman who settled around the Hudson valley, later anglicized to Yankees.
OK, in conclusion, just like Hillary I have decided to love them all. From Cardinals to Cubs, Sox Red or White, even the Mets sometimes, but at the top of the pile, because I will likely get a chance to go to some of their games this summer, a Yankees fan.
(besides, I called my friend Mike the Red Sox fan, and he was very understanding, and it adds a new level of excitement to our friendship. My friend David Makar will likely hate me, though, but we can bet beers and enjoy some arguments)


David Makar said...

Traitor. Benedit Arnold Rith!

gr said...

I can see me winning bets and drinking beers at your expense, David.

CM said...

You have to respect a man who choses his team according to the colour of their uniform.

Gordo said...

No you don't, cm. He chose a team in the baby league: they have designated hitters! C'mont over the to the National League, Gary! Everybody plays, everybody bats!

gr said...

The thing I like about cm is she can read all this blather and then get right to the MOST important point. Gord, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Greg said...

hmm isn't that usually the case gary? ;)

Susan as herself said...

I have been a Yankees fan since I lived in NYC and went to my first game. Now that I live in Chicago where most folks hate the Yankees with a passion, I tend to duck and cover when asked if I like them.

Ah, well. I guess it takes guts to like the Yankees.