Sunday, March 23, 2008

a rare thing!

I got an Easter shot of all our pets together, which is a first. They were all sleeping in the living room sunshine. Jack is the lab standing in front, Spike the grey tiger sleeping on the floor in the sun, then Penny beagle, Buster the lab and Emily the not-very-bright cat at the right on the couch.


Kate & Jim said...

Looks like our menagerie of animals, Gary! 'cept we have an additional cat.

Jack looks just like our 'old Emma girl, just standing there, not knowing what to do next. She stands by us, follows us around, walks into things, it ain't easy getting old! ;)

Hope you guys had a great Easter.

Gordo said...

That's quite the menagerie, Gary. :-) I love that rug, too. :-)

gr said...

thanks! Yeah, sometimes Jack is on the ball (literally!) sometimes a little shakey