Sunday, March 16, 2008

new neighbors!

We were out at twilight with the dogs, behind our house by the river. There was a sound of logs being dropped into the river. I had the flashlight and could clearly see Mr Beaver hanging around and swimming about and splashing his tail (very loud sound). The Beaver family has moved in next to us on the river. People wonder if we are going to have lakefront property soon. (good for housing values, eh?)


Kate & Jim said...

The river must be pretty high already, Gary, isn't it? What with all the rain and snow melt. Wouldn't take much to bring it up to your back yard, would it?

gr said...

like an elevator, it is up and down every day!

deborah said...

oh, i love beavers!

lucky you.

the father beavers are the ones that rear the young.

gr said...