Wednesday, August 01, 2007

One year, 1383+ posts

(CM's little toesies)
OK, August marks one year's blogging, about 1400 posts if you count the myspace acct where this began, AND, speaking of CM, my first internet customer, OVER (drumroll please)
OVER 100 items sold. And yes, coincidentally, CM was the first and also the most recent blog internet customer. Over 100 items sold here!!! Thanks everybody, esp. CM for spending THE MOST and also sending us these tunes o' the day:

Fogerty's Cove, a Stan Rogers tune, performed at Stanfest this summer. If you'll excuse me, I gotta go find someone to dance with me


cm said...

My pleasure. ::bow:: (although I suppose that should be a ::curtsey::) I've already started composing my Christmas order. ;-)

gr said...

Wow, how can you beat that loyalty?

greg said...

congrats there gary. It's alwaya a pleasure to visit here and converse with friends (yeah you are ALL my friends now too bad! hee hee)and recharge.

Spot of tea anyone?

Kate & Jim said...

Congrats on your anniversary, Gary! Glad that we decided to give your blog a look/see!

Everyone's been so nice here, and we do love your pottery. We'll be up in Sept for our 'Blueberry Bowls'.

cm said...

Yes, please, Greg. Biscuit?

greg said...

rigth-o cm,

one lump or two?

cm said...

None, ta.