Wednesday, August 15, 2007

puppy and kitten interlude

(work by Gary Rith, Penny, Buster and Spike the cat)
If readers, or the IRS, wonder why there are so many cute pet pics at potsblog, they should see them as legitimate models and tax deductions. I have made mommy beagles and pups sculptures for 4-5 years, and then of course, Penny the beagle and mother of pups moved in with us last spring.
2+2=4, right?
(do I need to spell it out? cute sculptures of mommy beagles sell easily...)


Gorthos said...

your cat spike looks exactly like my cat Xenu

gr said...

Except Spike is bigger, stronger, smarter, and friendlier.

cm said...

That's it! A Xenu/Spike faceoff. Claws at dawn!

Kate & Jim said...

Make it quick, because Spike is coming home with me next month! :)

gr said...

Spike, of course, is not a fighter, he is a charmer.

Gorthos said...

My evil cat's tally for this summer so far:

9 chipmunks
3 rabbits
umpteen mice
three birds
one gooey brown thing (shudder, retch)