Saturday, August 25, 2007

the hedgehog mystery

(bowl by Gary Rith)
Interest in hedgehog art remains quite high. I think I am missing something here--do a lot of people out there really like hedgehogs? It is fortunate I can make hedgehog art for them to spend money on.


CM said...

Hedgehogs are cute. In an odd sort of way. You have to smile when you look at them 'cause they're just so funny-looking.

gr said...

Yes, cute, and very small too. Do people have them as pets? I keep selling these hedgehog things, which tells me:
1) my hedgehogs are CUTE
2) there is a lack of hedgehog collectibles out there

Ellen said...

Perhaps it is the draw of the unique. If you want something different, a hedgehog is certainly that. Bunnies, pigs, cows, dogs, cats...they are not so rare. Ya know? But a fox, hedgehog, two toed sloth, platypus, definitely rare. Your hedgehogs are certainly appealing in cuteness. I am glad they sell well for you.

gr said...

Ellen, I do not make gorgeous flowers like yours, though. We all have our specialties!