Tuesday, August 21, 2007


(Spike the cat in back, Penny the beagle, Emily the chubby little 13 year old kitten)
There was a crash downstairs at around 9:15. Spike walked by with a dead mouse. Yes! Good boy, Spike! Didn't know we had mice.
Sammy, who passed away at age 16 1/2 caught 55 mice in his life that I knew of, Emily here, and she is a mentally challenged and un-athletic kitten, has caught 5, and now our newcomer Spike has caught his first with us. I don't want mice in my life or in my cat's mouth, but better dead than eating my oatmeal.


cm said...

Go Spike! My mother has decided not to replace her cats and has taken on the job herself.

gr said...

Mice on the screen are much cuter than in my house.

greg said...

well they(mice) are a lot "nicer" than the fisher that greeted me at the door at work yesterday morning. Wasn't the least bit scared of me.. wary yes and stayed its distance..