Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lou writes from IRELAND

My old pal Louise is getting into the artsy giftie business, like me. I would prefer to answer her question in person, in Ireland, at the corner pub over a pint, but instead I shall do it here. ALL my frinds will be jealous, because I got a personal email from Ireland!

Lou writes:

Hi Gary,

I wonder if I can pick your brains very briefly, if you have a sec J … I’m wondering how you package your items to send them off? I’m looking for the names of the materials you use for packaging basically – I’m thinking bubble wrap and double walled cardboard boxes etc. but I was wondering if you have any tips on the process?

Don’t worry ‘bout answering this if your busy, it’s not terribly urgent. Have a nice Saturday

There are many questions I won't answer, secrets I prefer to keep, but I will share this one.
Lou, when packing pottery or fragile items, go bananas with the packaging, otherwise the gorillas at the post office will break your stuff.
1) roll bubble wrap around the item-either the thick stuff at least once, or the thin stuff twice.
2) select a box bigger than wrapped item, lay some newspaper or foamies on the bottom, then your item, then cover all with newspaper or foamies.
3) select a much bigger box, line the bottom as above
4) smaller box goes into bigger, line with newspaper or foamies, tape an address to the recipient inside, seal with loads of packing tape.
5) when shipping to customers, items worth under 20-30 bucks I do not insure, but pay for delivery confirmation, which is included in some shipping services. You want to track the customer's item and be able to prove you shipped and they rec'd. I guarentee replacement of any broken item, so it is out of my pocket on lesser priced items, but use insurance for more expensive stuff. UPS here has tracking and insurance included automatically.
My stuff is very fragile, but I havn't had anything broken in years.
6) try to have the customer email you when it arrives, and politely email them if you don't hear from them--it is always helpful to get their feedback on the whole thing

But frankly, meeting customers in person is the most fun, and at this point I have met several, thanks to this blog.


Lou said...

Thanks Gary - sound advice indeed. I'd just like to add, for anyone wondering what that spare J is doing in the middle of my first sentence - it's a smiley but for some reason my smilies in outlook seem to get converted to J's when people read them. Hey ho. Thanks again Gary :D

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It's true, Lou. Gary wants to meet his customers! He's making us drive all the way to Ithaca to pick up our 'Blue Berry Bowls'! lol!

Kate & Jim said... the way, Gary. I just remembered that 'I' (meaning ME! yes, ME ME ME ME ME!) have received e-mail 'all the way from Ireland' before. Yes, it's true!

I got 'e-mail' from Ireland! F-I-R-S-T ! ha!

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Lou said...

lol! That's some compliment for me! First you all fight over comment firstys, now email firstys! love it, lol!! :D