Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jack turns 12!

Jack is our only pet with a real birthday, because he was not a stray and we know when he was born (the rest are anniversary celebrations of when the strays came home).

Jack is sweet and smart and fun and playful and athletic, happy 12th birthday!


John Bailey said...

Happy birthday, Jack!

CM said...


Today's good advice: Don't sit. Ha!

gr said...

He listened to that one, didn't he?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jack! Don't let anyone make you "sit" on your birthday if you'd rather be up and wagging your tail and waiting for that tennis ball.

You're still as handsome as ever.



denis said...

happy birthday jack!

i miss you!

Ellen said...

Ah! Another family with the traditional 'birthday tyrant'! Happy Birthday, Jack! And I agree, don't sit if you don't want to! It IS your birthday after all!